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GTA: San Andreas
[PAWN EDITOR] PawnSciTE v0.52
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Author: Darkimmortal Download: [PAWN EDITOR] PawnSciTE v0.52 | Author: Darkimmortal
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Description: [PAWN EDITOR] PawnSciTE • Highlighting, Folding, Colorpicker, FTP and much more!

This is an incredibly lightweight standalone SciTE modification (no SciTE knowledge or previous installation needed) that adds full syntax highlighting, code folding, FTP uploads, server restarting, Function Parameter Tooltips, JumpTo Functions+Callbacks, Colour Previews and Colour Picker and much, MUCH more!

Cool Features:

- Full syntax highlighting including function highlighting for all SA:MP functions
- Function Parameter Tooltips (OK, so they sound stupid... but they are really awesome - take a look at the screenshot below)
- Local Server Restarting - Via changemode/reloadfs (Recommended), via GMX or via full restart
- Remote Server Restarting ( only, unless I can get hold of the rcon protocol (not very likely, lol))
- Pawno compiler in a sidebar that allows you to double-click an error to be taken to the appropriate line!
- JumpTo Callbacks and JumpTo Functions (allows you to jump to callbacks and functions)
- Automatic FTP Uploads (Requires Windows XP / Vista)
- Code Folding
- User Friendly Settings Interface (so no editing files like in version 0.1 and early releases of 0.2)
- Tabbed Interface - each .pwn opens in a new tab rather than a whole new instance of the editor
- Unlimited Buffer (No lag when opening large files - the only limitation to the size of file you can open is your RAM.)
- Colour Picker and Colour Previews (Instant previews of Pawn colour codes with full colour picker with colour slider for full control over colours.)
- Code Completion (Press CTRL+Enter after typing the first few letters of a function)

System Requirements

- Installation of SA:MP Windows Server
- Installation of Pawno (for the compiler)
- Windows 95+ (FTP is XP / Vista only and Transparecy is 2000+)
- Just about any computer (the CPU/RAM requirements are absolutely tiny)

Some Random Info:

- The only language used is AutoHotkey! (and several complex SciTE .properties files)
- No knowledge of SciTE is needed to use this
- All source is available in the .ahk files. Feel free to change and/or re-release it, but please credit me as the original author.
- If anyone wants to improve pawn.api (by adding some stuff from Useful Functions, MIC etc.) then please feel free to do so and send it to me when done.
- The font from the screenshots (Bitstream Vera Sans Mono) is packaged with the editor and will be installed and used by default in PawnSciTE.



- Proper syntax highlighting (even highlights most SA:MP-specific functions)
- Compiler runs in a sidebar and you can double click on an error and it will take you to the line.
- Code completion support.
- Uses SciTE, so theoretically unlimited buffer (you can open far bigger files than in Pawno without lag)
- Code folding including "Fold All" feature
- Pwn appears in file type menu when opening and saving files.
- When "All Source" is selected in the file type menu when opening and saving files, pwn is included in the definition.


- Installer for easy installation of the plugin and the editor itself.
- Settings application to make it easy to configure things such as the location of pawncc.exe and your FTP Username/Password/Address etc.
- Intelligent cURL-powered server restarting via web control panel for servers.
- FTP uploads to theoretically any server and (probably coming in a later update) intelligent folder selection (currently you must select folder from a dropdown list or type it manually).
- Monospaced font by default due to request.


- Changed tab size to 4 by default.
- Local server restarting
- JumpTo Functions (jump to functions declarations easily)
- JumpTo Callbacks (jump to callbacks easily)
- Altered a few colours and layout options
- While in Pawn language mode, when a new script it saved, it defaults to .pwn
- Even better settings window (see screenshot)
- Settings button within SciTE to open settings window
- Renamed Go, Build, Compile within SciTE
- Function parameter tooltips for almost every standard function!


- New local restarting mode that uses changemode and reloadfs (and selects between them automatically by analysing the code).[/color]
- JumpTo now hides itself when SciTE is minimised and removes AlwaysOnTop when SciTE is unfocused. Also, it looks much more integrated with SciTE.
- Fixed JumpTo Functions (Relies on a new line being taken before function declarations to tell them apart from usage of the function).


- Colour Picker and Colour Previews!
- Fixed several minor bugs in the Toolbox (previously known as the JumpTo window)
- Far more compilation options


- Fixed samp-server.exe window detection (was using unreliable technique before)
- Made ToolBox very transparent when not in use, and slightly transparent when in use. (looks pretty good )
- ToolBox no longer pops up unexpectly while deactivated.


- SciTE updated from 1.74 to 1.75.
- Toolbar and statusbar now shown by default.
- Several minor bugfixes.


Known Bugs as of 0.52:

- JumpTo Functions still isn't fully reliable
- (Theoretical) It would be possible to attempt to load a colour code from a huge amount of characters placed to the clipboard. This would cause the AHK script to freeze for a few seconds, before displaying a dialogue box that might be too big to fit on the screen. But this is highly unlikely.
Date: 26.11.2011
Filesize: 1990.935KB
Traffic: 23345703.81KB
Downloads: 11726
Rating: 5.46 / 10
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Name: Nenelokao
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 29th May 2014 :: 18:54 PM
Comment: Very good, i love it, really do, thank you so much for this...
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Name: minemon
Date: 25th October 2014 :: 9:31 AM
Comment: will haben

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