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GTA IV C++ Script Hook v.0.5.1 for GTAIV and EFLC
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Author: aru Download: GTA IV C++ Script Hook v.0.5.1 for GTAIV and EFLC | Author: aru
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Website: Go to my Website
Description: Whats New in 0.5.1

- Added support for GTAIV and EFLC
- Support for invoking undocumented natives by their "new" hash.

Whats New in 0.5.0

- Added support for GTAIV and EFLC
- Enabled MP on all unranked modes, however your multiplayer session will be isolated from people not using mods.
- Fixed bug with text flickering when using ScriptThread/NativeFiberThread
- Fixed bug with crashing when going in/out of video editor

Whats New in 0.4.0

- Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4 (Patch #5)
- New programming model replaces NativeThread and NativeFiberThread with ScriptThread
- A lot of performance enhancements, including:
---- Natives are now directly invoked using the native hash and not the name
---- "SpeedyInvoke" which dynamically rewrites parts of your compiled code to prevent repeated lookups of natives (only enabled for Release builds)
- Rewrote thread/service loading and now has better detection for when new game sessions start.
- Some minor bugs fixed

Whats New in 0.3.0

- New extensible services framework providing the following services currently:
---- D3DHook: Direct3D Device Hooking
---- Config: Configuration (ini and xml)
---- KeyboardHook: Keyboard hook to recieve events of key presses
---- Menu: A simple yet effective menu creation framework
- New "Speedo" sample demonstrating the use of services
- Added DevLoader which is an ASI loader with some development features such as module unload/reload.
- Improved thread hooking into the game -- less chances of crashing while hooking now (not that it crashed before).
- Added ability to unregister threads that were registered
- Added support for starting threads on demand
- Changed a lot of non-important log messages from Info to Debug
- Few internal bug fixes.

Whats New in 0.2.6

- Added support for GTAIV 1.0.4
- Support for Multiplayer when in LAN (any mode), or Online (Freeroam or Party mode only)
- Added a fix for world Z calculation for the Teleport sample in SampleCustomFiber

Whats New in 0.2.5

- Added support for GTAIV 1.0.3
- ScriptHook is now a DLL that can be updated independently of the mods that use it.
- Improved detection/hooking of scripts into the game engine
- Fixed invocation of natives that have Vector3* parameter types
- Fixed GetGlobalAddress/GetGlobalValue/SetGlobalValue for accessing Global variables
- Merged some of the Scripting native contributions back into the source (937 natives now available)
- A number of internal bug fixes
- ScriptHook is disabled for online play (currently its disabled regardless of which mode you play in or even Live/LAN, but this might change in the future)


- listener for some of the REing and natives mapping
- Seeman for some of the Natives documentation
- Reconsider for being my guinea pig on IRC during early development
- HazardX for some cleaned up natives
- sjaak327 for a lot of help with testing
- All of you guys PMing and emailing me and making me find the time to work on this smile.gif
- Last but not least, you (yes, you!) for creating (assuming that you will be creating) wonderful mods for this game.
Date: 04.06.2010
Filesize: 175.973KB
Traffic: 66277062.936KB
Downloads: 376632
Rating: 5.66 / 10
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Name: HyperXT
Date: 21st June 2010 :: 16:10 PM
Comment: Thank you aru for this Script Hook. I can use my previous mod with GTA IV EFLC v1.1.2.0
:: ::
Name: TurQuaZ
Date: 30th August 2010 :: 16:03 PM
Comment: Thank you , it's working . I can use with GTA IV patch..
:: ::
Name: tom
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 18th December 2010 :: 22:58 PM
Comment: what i mus press to the menu ??? help me
:: ::
Name: Flam1ng Dem0n
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 3rd July 2011 :: 0:16 AM
Comment: I have recently wanted to start modding GTA 4 Balled of Gay Tony, but when i try to use any of the features of "EvilMod" I get a in-game error that seems to say "Full" no matter what i do. I only get this error when i try to search for anything when pressing F9. Has anyone figured out why this happens? Thanks
:: ::
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 17th July 2011 :: 13:28 PM
Comment: YEAH
:: ::
Name: boleng
Date: 23rd January 2012 :: 8:49 AM
Comment: where can I find scriphook.log ??
:: ::
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 28th February 2012 :: 13:28 PM
:: ::
Name: XxfizzelxX
Date: 11th May 2012 :: 13:42 PM
Comment: Thank you so much this work for my game that had an error saying the script hook was missing gave it a 10/10
:: ::
Name: Markell
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 14th June 2012 :: 10:31 AM
Comment: Nice
:: ::
Name: Adilson
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 8th September 2012 :: 7:12 AM
Comment: 100 times, to make 100 or 120+ missions, to get back the viglaite missions (police, firefighters, ambulance, pilots and etc.), the return of Tommy Vercetty and Rosemberg,to have more new characters, more and better weapons, good vehicle handlings, to add next awesome vehicles like planes, helicopters, tanks, to have a limmited flying in air (3.5 or 4 killometers in air, to have parachutes, swimming, dancing system, drinkin and other funny and good animations, to have realistic physics (object destroying, vehicle crashed, accidents and etc.), to improve the graphicks like in Just Cause 2, a better Vehicle reflections just like the one you could make with ENB Series mod's, Realistic effects well more like from GTA 4 and JC 2, dont forget to make a good handling with bikes becouse you guys failed with it in gta 4 becouse you couldnt get your bike on front or back wheel, to have more safe houses (so you can buy them again but to have much more and more not only 10 or 20, maybe 50 or 100?), project oblivion improving (trees, grasses, and etc. but pls make something realistic with it for example to shake while wind's, storms and hard winds), water grapphick improvements (to make it blue while sun is shining on beautifull weather, to make it dark while the night and mid night, to get moon back and etc.), a great function of diving in water wich was amazing, to add animals like birds (pigeons and i cant remember how's that white bird called lol), to make map much bigger then the first part of vice city and etc. More suggestions are coming soon! 2 likes
:: ::
Name: ivan
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 16th October 2012 :: 5:23 AM
Comment: This Work for TBoGT and TLAD
:: ::
Name: Adam Carter
Date: 9th February 2013 :: 23:47 PM
Comment: Great mod
:: ::
Name: Markus
Date: 20th May 2013 :: 4:49 AM
Comment: Thanks
:: ::
Name: Harry
Date: 23rd October 2013 :: 6:55 AM
Comment: it looks fun
:: ::
Name: Codais
Date: 18th December 2013 :: 12:46 PM
Comment: The Script works good but when i play the city desapears. Anybody nows why?
:: ::
Name: Allen
Date: 24th September 2014 :: 8:29 AM
Comment: YEY!
:: ::
Name: Edelplastic
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 1st February 2015 :: 11:35 AM
Comment: This Tool do not work in
:: ::
Name: harissh
Date: 19th April 2016 :: 11:40 AM
Comment: Good
:: ::
Name: FlameKillZ
E-Mail: Write me a Mail
Date: 17th February 2017 :: 15:50 PM
Comment: Doesn't work anymore, will there be an update? Would be really nice.

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